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The Kingdom of God: Introduction to Using this Study Guide

Guide Yourself thru the Kingdom of God in 13 Hours covers a matrix through which you can view the writings of the New Testament. You can study the Kingdom of God completely in just 13 Hours. Of course, you can take longer, say 13 Days or 13 Weeks by just spending as little as one hour a day or one hour a week. The one hour time period does not include the study of any BibleHandbook readings.

In order to get the most from your study it is important that you read the biblical text along with it. The International Standard Version (ISV) is the text on which the studies are built. The NIV is used for the Old Testament passages and will be marked as such because the Old Testament has not been completely translated into the International Standard Version.However, you may use any version of Scripture that you wish.

The first section of each study is called Observing the Stuff which is an introduction of the section which is being studied. Next, you will encounter Interpreting the Stuff which takes you through the section under study. Finally, there is Doin’ the Stuff which is the application section. This final area provides you with some beginning thoughts about how to apply to your life what you are studying . After all, the study of Scripture is for spiritual growth, not accumulation of knowledge. Of course, the Holy Spirit is the final word for application to your life. Listen to what he may be saying to you personally about what you are studying. But, don’t get application for you mixed up with the meaning of the a text in Scripture. Remember this easy rule of thumb: one meaning, many applications.

Each weekly study may include some of the following icons and sections:

Observing the Stuff! Observing the Stuff!
What does the text say? Provides you with a quick overview of the passage.
Interpreting the Stuff! Interpreting the Stuff!
What does the text mean? Helps you gain an understanding of the meaning of the text as those who first heard or read it may have understood it.
Doin' The Stuff! Doin’ the Stuff!
What does the text mean to me? Helps and reflections to assist you in bringing the text to a personal level so that one may continue to grow.
Word Treasures: Defining the Stuff! WordTreasures: Defining the Stuff!
Definitions of key words and phrases.
Behind the Scenes: Historical Stuff! Behind the Scenes: Historical Stuff!
A look at historical background.
Bible Handbook: Resource Stuff! BibleHandBook: Resource Stuff!
Helpful resources for further study. The Resource Stuff appears at the end of each of the hour lessons and is not a part of the hour lesson. However, reading this material in the noted reference book will enrich your understanding.

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